Invited Lectures at International Conferences


“A TransPacific Model of Racial Mixing and Mixed Race Representations” (February 24-26, 2017, University of Southern California (U.S.A.), Conference Theme: Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference)

“Rebuilding and Redefining Kobe: the collaboration between governmental and non-governmental organizations after the 1995 earthquake” (January 11, 2017, University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus (Japan), Conference Theme: Harvard-UTokyo Conference: Asian Cities: Hubs of Interaction, Tradition and Transformation)

“A Parallel Pattern of Racialization?: Jews, “Gypsies,” and Kawaramono” (January 5, 2017, School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) (France), Conference Theme: How do Social Sciences address Race? )


“Positonalities Matter: US- and Japan-based Scholars’ Reflections in Transpacific Japanese American Studies” (March 12, 2016, University of Southern California (U.S.A.))

“The Jews, the Roma/‘Gypsie’, and Kawaramono in Middle Ages: A Quest for Parallel Racialization Mechanisms” (February 24, 2016, University of California, Santa Barbara (U.S.A.))


“Parallel Marginalization Processes?: Jews, Roman People, and “Kawaramono” in Japan” (October 15, 2015, University of Cologne (Germany)) Link

“Beyond the Transatlantic Paradigm of Racialization: (In)visibility in Asia and Its Parallels in Europe” (October 8, 2015, University of Toronto (Canada)) Link

“Textbook Representations of Race”, Symposium “Transpacific Convergence: Studying Nikkei and Race in the U.S. and Japan” (March 2015, University of Southern California (U.S.A.))

“Rethinking ‘race’ from a Japanese perspective”, Symposium “Embodied Discriminations: Ethnicism, Racism and Casteism: Comparative Perspectives from India, Japan and Korea” (February 2015, University of Delhi (India) )


“Racial Representations in Asia and Anglo-Saxon Countries”, International Seminar on “Recent Ethno-racial Statistics in Colombia and Latin America” (November 2015, Universidad del Valle (Colombia) )

“Towards a More Global Dialogue on Race and Ethnicity” International Conference “Conceptualizing Ethnicity as a Political Resource: across Disciplines, Regions, and Periods” (April 2014, University of Cologne (Germany) )


“Post-Identity Politics and Beyond: Narratives and Works by Three Artists with Japanese American Heritage” The Japanese Association for American Studies 47th Annual Meeting, Symposium ”America at the Crossroads of Race and Politics: the 1960s to the Present” (June 2013,Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Japan) )


“The Development of Multiculturalism after the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in Japan” International Conference “Multicultural Practices in East Asia” (December 14-17 2012, The Academy of Korean Studies (Korea) )

“Race, Blood, and Color in Japan and Japanese America” (September 26 2012, Tsinghua University Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (Taiwan) )

「日本における人種概念――教科書記述からみる変容と再生産」(The Idea of Race in Japan: Its Transformation and Reproduction in Textbooks) (May 25 2012, Yonsei University Graduate School of International Studies (Korea) )


“What the Skin Color Tells Us: Race and Racism” Kanagawa University International Center for Folk Culture Studies, 3rd International Symposium “The Body Tells Human Culture: From Physical to Cultural” (December 10 2011, Kanagawa University (Japan) )

“The Lesson of the Great Kobe Earthquake and Changing Representations of Multicultural Coexistence in Japan” (July 1 2011, University of Tasmania School of Social Sciences (Australia) )

“The Development of Multiculturalism after the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in Japan” International Conference “Multicultural Practices in East Asia” (December 15 2011, The Academy of Korean Studies (Korea) )


“Redefining Race from Asian Perspectives” (October 2010, Gyeongsang National University (Korea) )

“Theories of Race from a Japanese Perspective” Harvard University, Yenching Institute Alumni Conference (October 2010, Yonsei University (Korea) )

“Three Dimensions of Race” (October 2010, Yonsei University Department of Political Science (Korea) )


Expressing identitied: Xontemporart Asian American Artists (March 23 2009, Pomona College (U.S.A.) )

“One Way or Another” Revisited (March 21 2009, Japanese American National Museum)