Gender equallity


Drafted “Shinagawa Proposal 2014” at APRU’s Asia-Pacific Women in Leadership (APWiL) Special Workshop hosted by Kyoto University.


Gave the keynote speech ‘Jyosei kara‚ Minority kara‚ Shuen kara umareru – Atarashii hasso no kanosei wo motomete [Seeking possibility of new idea created by women‚ minority‚ and other factors]’ at the “Kickoff Symposium: Sustainable Support for Female Researchers – Promotion of Gender Equality in Tsukuba Science City.”


The representative for “Research for improving the environment of the University of Tsukuba as gender-equal society” of the gender-equal project of University of Tsukuba.


Started the “Woman teacher forum” with colleagues in University of Tsukuba.