Kyoto University

Assistant to the Executive Director (2010-2013)

Assistant to the President (2008-2010; 2013-2014)


Expert advisor, The Council for Science and Technology (2017.4-2019.2)

Science Council of Japan
Regional Research Committee

Member of Regional Studies Infrastructure Development Section (2014-present)

Chief secretary of Anthropology Section (2006-2009)

Vice chair of Multicultural Coexistence Section (2006-2016)

Chair of Multicultural Coexistence Section (2017-)

Biology Committee

Member of Physical Anthropology Section (2006-present)


Member of the executive committee to reexamine the concepts of race and ethnicity (1996-2000)

Japanese Association for American Studies

Member of board of trustees (2004-2010, 2016-present)

Board member (2000-present)

Editorial board member (2000-2004)

Japanese Association for Overseas Japanese Studies

Member of Executive Board (2000-present)

Editor in chief of the 20th anniversary anthology (2009-2011)

Editorial board member (1996-1998)

Other activities

American Anthropological Association

American Ethnological Society

American Sociological Association

Association for Asian American Studies

Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology, member of committee of international relations (2008-present)