Takezawa’s Comment on Manzanar Pilgrimage was quoted in Los Angeles Times
“Manzanar pilgrimage takes on broad themes of democracy, civil rights”
APR 27, 2019

“Yasuko Takezawa, a professor at Kyoto University and expert in Japanese American studies, said that recently there have been a number of TV documentaries and dramas focusing on the incarceration and Japanese American soldiers during WWII. … She said the Japanese American wartime experience can help inform the Japanese about the consequences of war and treatment of their own minorities in Japan, especially when international tensions arise between countries.”
International Symposium “Circulations et métamorphoses du racisme et de l’antiracisme” at Kyoto Academia Forum in Marunouchi

On May 18, 2019, the international symposium “Circulations et métamorphoses du racisme et de l’antiracisme” was held at Kyoto Academia Forum in Marunouchi.

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Yasuko Yakezawa is now an Editorial Board member of Ethnic and Racial Studies. (Link to the journal).

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